Distinctive Personality

A Sikh has a distinctive personality. This distinction is represented by five symbols, popularly known as Five K’s, because the first letter of each symbol begins with the letter K. These are Keshas (long and unshorn hair covered by a turban), Kangha (a comb), Kara (A steel bracelet), Kachha (long underwear), and Kirpan (the sword of grace).

People who wear a uniform and who are imbued with a disciplined outlook, are better able to achieve a unity of purpose and aquire a real sense of brotherhood–more so than those who have set no particular standards. A Sikh without these symbols would be naked.

Those who cut their hair, trim their beards, or pluck their eybrows commit a breach of the Cardinal Rules of the Order of the Khalsa (the pure ones) and are considered apostates.